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Reme Halo air purifier for killing viruses

Sanitizing Your AC Ducts & The Air in Your Whole Home


Whereas UV lights sanitize your AC handler, the REME HALO ionization device will kill 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air of your ducts and your whole home. 

This award-winning device will send out naturally occurring hydroperoxides throughout the air in your home, killing microorganisms, reducing odor and clumping dust together to make your filters more effective

Hydroperoxides are all around us in the outside air, but they barely exist (or are zero) indoors. They are natures natural air purifiers. We use the REME HALO to restore these hydroperoxides back into your home.

FDA and USDA approved REME HALO



Used In:


Commercial buildings
Nursing homes
Daycare Centers

Call to schedule installation as soon as today (561) 477-1212

Currently: In Stock

We are Experts in Indoor Air Quality


We’re vendors for Reme Halo, Fresh Aire UV lights and Air Sponge electrostatic custom fit filters.


Why Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Matters:

The EPA states indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Your AC can contain many of these pollutants like microorganisms and mold. The cold, damp environment of your AC handler allows the growth of these viruses, bacteria and mold. Your inability to properly sanitize the inside of your AC handler only contributes to further growth of these microscopic pests.



Sanitizing Your Air Handler

Fresh-Aire blue tube light in HVAC unitWe carry the Fresh-Aire AHU Ultraviolet (UV) light system. This is the most popular UV light in the world. Fresh-Aire UV lights for HVAC

UV-C lights scramble the DNA of microorganisms and won’t allow anything to grow in your AC. This includes mold, bacteria and viruses.

This powerful light keeps your coils clean. Clean coils last longer and keep the air in your handler fresh.

UV Lights:

            • Are odorless
            • Quiet
            • Long-Lasting (2 years)
            • Parts are guaranteed FOR LIFE

Your purchase of the Fresh-Aire UV bulbs

includes pro installation from a County Line Air technician

Your purchase of the Reme Halo

includes pro installation from a County Line Air technician



Air Sponge Custom-Fit AC Filters

If it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t filter.


Premium air quality starts with your filter. We start your custom air conditioning filter by building you a permanent custom sized frame of sturdy aluminum and a permanently attached electrostatic charged screen.

Benefits of a custom AC Filter:

  • No bending, melting or warping unlike plastic or cardboard furnace filters.
  • Air tight seal. No air leaking means you’re filtering at 100% efficiency
  • Replaceable filters are recyclable and eco-friendly with zero waste
  • Upgrade to Carbon or Zeolite refills to control odors and VOC’s

Odd size furnace filter?custom AC filters with aluminum frame
We hand make every furnace filter frame to your exact size, so you’ll always have a filter that fits perfectly!

It’s the last furnace filter you will ever purchase.
All furnace filter frames are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Ozone Services

Ozone machine used to kill viruses

For the complete removal of odors and the complete sanitization of all surfaces and air in a building’s space.

Ozone (o3) is a naturally occurring compound, but it’s normally found in the atmosphere, not in your home. It’s unstable 3rd oxygen molecule wants to attach to things like bacteria, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and destroy them. Then ozone (o3) returns to oxygen (o2)



How our service works:

  1. Gather your belongings, your pets, your plants and any oil paintings (sensitive to ozone) and leave the house
  2. The ozone generator activates for a preset time, sanitizing every area of your home or business
  3. The ozone generator automatically shuts off and ozone levels return to zero
  4. You return with your pets, plants and paintings if you have them to perfect clean and sanitized breathing air!

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