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Premium air quality starts with your filter. We start your custom air conditioning filter by building you a permanent custom sized frame of sturdy aluminum and a permanently attached electrostatic charged screen.

Air Sponge Custom AC filters


The electrostatic metal filter sits inside your frame

The high-flow replaceable air filter rests in front of the electrostatic filter

Frames are made of aluminum so the will not bend or crush like cardboard frames

Both are custom fit and handmade to ensure a 100% seal

Starting at $144.99 (with 1 year of refills)
Free Shipping anywhere in the USA



Filter Refills

Benefits of a custom AC Filter:

  • No bending, melting or warping unlike plastic or cardboard furnace filters.
  • Air tight seal. No air leaking means you’re filtering at 100% efficiency
  • Replaceable filters are recyclable and eco-friendly with zero waste
  • $100/year LESS than standard AC filters





Odd size furnace filter?

Every furnace filter frame is handmade to your existing AC filter frame measurement, so you’ll always have a filter that fits perfectly!

All furnace filter frames are backed by a lifetime warranty!

Zero waste eco friendly filter frames


  • No-fuss installation. Just snap your new filter in place!
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA!
  • Cleaner air for LESS MONEY!
  • Average cost of standard refills: $195
  • Average cost of AirSponge custom filters: $95





You’ll never have to wait in store lines for your furnace filters again!

No more aggravating trips to the store to try and match sizes, and winding
up with an ineffective furnace filter. Simply contact your local Air Sponge dealer, and we’ll rush your furnace, AC filters right to your door.

Initial package includes a permanent frame, and a one years supply of refills.


We eliminated the path of least resistance.

To insure that all the air and pollutants go through the furnace filter and not around it, our filters feature our patented anti-bypass seal. When your air conditioner or furnace turns on, the difference in pressure causes an air tight seal. No bypass means you’re filtering 100 % of the air.

Air Filtration Options:

All offer outstanding protection from airborne contaminants. Select the refills that fits your needs.

Bio Sponge Plus®



changing a biopleat filter










You can also choose to add an activated carbon or zeolite refill, if you wish to control odors and V.O.C.’s.


Replaceable furnace filter refills assure a new, fresh furnace filter every time. No more guessing if your furnace filter is really clean and healthy.

Yes it can! This is a very common cause of your AC freezing. If your filter is clean, it may be too restrictive or you may have a bigger problem. Custom fit aluminum frame filters are a good way to ensure you’re getting max efficiency and not overly-restricting air flow.

It’s important to have the right sized AC filter. One that’s too small will allow dust, debris and other particulates to move past the filter and get into the AC handler. This is the number one reasons AC units break down. Custom fit aluminum frame AC filters are the only way to ensure 100% effective filtration of the air going into your AC unit.

You should NOT. Filters are the only thing stopping dirt, particulates and debris from damaging or clogging up your AC unit. An aluminum frame custom fit filter is the only way to ensure you’re preventing 100% of this debris from sneaking past your filter, since cardboard and plastic filters don’t make a 100% seal.

YOU should not be cutting an air filter to fit the size of your frame. Filters are made to fit that area, and most cardboard or plastic frames do not fit well. Custom fit AC filters are the most effective air filters you can have on your AC handler.

Custom fit AC filters create premium air quality inside your home. Ours are made from an aluminum frame with electrostatic replaceable filters. These filter 100% of the air coming through the filter frame because they do not leak like cardboard or plastic filter frames. They’re also refillable, cheaper than a standard filter and recyclable, so they are zero waste!

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Custom built filters for your air conditioning with an electrostatic charge for superior air quality inside your home.