If you can check your coils, you may find the smell is coming from mildew growing on them. Otherwise you may have mold growing inside your ducts somewhere, possibly caused by a leak in the ductwork.

The air inside your home is drawn into your handler from a big fan. It moves past your cold coils to be blown through your AC ducts all over your house.

While 78 degrees is the most cost effective during summer and/or warmer days, the ideal temperature to reduce mold is 68-72 degrees. This just isn’t affordable in a south Florida home for most of us

The most common reasons are: Dirty coils, a leak in the refrigerant, or a dirty air filter. But, there are other, more complex reasons as well.

1902. The first air conditioner was actually designed for the removal of humidity in a commercial building. It was first used in a home in 1914

Yes. The most powerful tool to prevent mold in your home isn’t a chemical, it’s your AC. Keeping a cool home with low humidity will drastically reduce mold’s ability to grow

Yes! This is especially important in south Florida. An AC unit not only puts cool air into your home, but it helps keep it cool by removing the moisture from the air.