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Custom Fit AC Filters – Handmade From Airsponge®

  • Handmade frames to ensure the filter is a perfect fit
  • 100% of the air moving through your AC gets filtered (standard filters do not)
  • Cheaper than buying standard filters every month
  • This filter removes pet dander, mold and even bacteria! (MERV 14)
  • Eco-Friendly. Unlike standard filters, these have zero cardboard waste
  • Breathe better, sleep better, feel better!

Fresh-Aire AHU UV Light (2 bulb)

$975.00 $850.00

The most popular UV lights on earth.

Microorganisms naturally want to grow in the damp environment of your HVAC coils and handler. The AHU UV lights from Fresh-Aire stop them. Kills viruses, mold and bacteria inside your AC without ever having to see a UV light


  • Works even when your AC isn’t running
  • Bulbs last 2 years
  • Keeps your coils clean. Clean coils last longer and work better
  • Lifetime warranty on the rest of the parts
  • Zero chemicals or byproducts like ozone

Your purchase includes installation from a County Line Air Technician.

We’ll immediately call you to set up an appointment!



Reme Halo

$1,050.00 $925.00

Peace of mind at home. Kill 99% of all microorganisms including

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mold/Fungi

Your purchase includes installation from a County Line Air Technician.

We’ll immediately call you to set up an appointment!


Reme Halo and Fresh Aire UV Light Bundle

$2,025.00 $1,658.00

This is the ultimate power couple: The award-winning Reme Halo device combined with the most popular UV lights on earth.

The Fresh-Aire UV lights

  • No noise, no odor, no worries
  • Keeps mold and microorganisms off of your AC coils and the walls of your air handler
  • Lights last 2 years

Reme Halo Ionizing Cell

  • Uses naturally occurring hydroperoxides to eliminate contaminants throughout the air of your whole home
  • Reduce in-home allergens
  • Breathe better, sleep better and feel better
  • Ozone free