Maintenance Agreement Special

We recommend the HealthSmart Air Filter, a top of the line custom-made air filter system for every home we service.  We love them so much, we will include a FREE Starter Kit with each 3 and 5-year maintenance agreement.  Starter Kits include a custom sized frame and a year’s supply of filter pads, a $155 value!  

System Maintenance

All equipment manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance of central air conditioning and heating systems. Performing maintenance at least once a year will extend equipment life, reduce electrical consumption and maintain peak performance.

Most air conditioners in South Florida are over used; this over usage accumulates dirt, debris, algae in drains & pans and dirty filters. This leads to water leaks, freezing up and air flow problems if not properly maintained.

It’s not enough to just change your filter; this does not ensure cleanliness beyond the point of filtration. Any dirt or dust that passes through the filter will accumulate on the evaporator coil and blower wheel. To ensure the best fit and efficiency, County Line Air recommends the HealthSmart Air Filter and annual Maintenance Agreements for maximum performance.

Maintenance Agreements

County Line Air offers one, three and five year preventative maintenance agreements to keep your system running efficiently and powerfully.

3-Year Maintenance Agreement

  • Two 19-point Maintenance Inspections per year
  • One 4-6 month drain treatment
  • 10% discount on maintenance parts


1-Year Maintenance Agreement

  • Two 19-point Maintenance Inspections


County Line Air 19-point Maintenance Inspection

  1. Check thermostat calibration and operation
  2. Check and tighten all electrical connections
  3. Check blower motor for proper amperage, voltage and wiring connection
  4. Inspect all test all safety devices for proper operation
  5. Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge installing 1 lb if needed
  6. Add pan tablets to prevent algae build up
  7. Inspect and clean condensate drain line
  8. Check starting capabilities
  9. Check compressor for proper amperage
  10. Measure temperature difference supply / return
  11. Inspect heating coil
  12. Lubricate accessible moving parts
  13. Inspect evaporator coil for mold and mildew
  14. Check both evaporator / condenser fan motor
  15. Inspect all electrical equipment
  16. Clean condenser coil if accessible
  17. Change air filters provided by homeowner
  18. Check thermostat operation in heat / cool
  19. Adjust tension of belts if needed

Included with all Maintenance Agreements:

  • Priority service over non-plan customers
  • Fast response and 24-hour/7 day emergency service
  • 10% discount on service repair
  • Extended appointment times to better fit YOUR schedule
  • Team members background checked and drug tested
  • Maintain and validate manufacturer warranties
  • Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Increase efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Maintain safe operation
  • Inflation protection
  • Improve comfort and reliability

Your air conditioning system in South Florida will run approximately 3200 hours seasonally. Throughout the year a heavy demand is placed on your air conditioning system and causes the system to have a decrease in efficiency. This will increase your utility bill and lead to costly repairs. Give us a call today to protect your system with preventative maintenance.

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