Fresh-Aire AHU UV Light (2 bulb)


The most popular UV lights on earth.

Microorganisms naturally want to grow in the damp environment of your HVAC coils and handler. The AHU UV lights from Fresh-Aire stop them. Kills viruses, mold and bacteria inside your AC without ever having to see a UV light


  • Works even when your AC isn’t running
  • Bulbs last 2 years
  • Keeps your coils clean. Clean coils last longer and work better
  • Lifetime warranty on the rest of the parts
  • Zero chemicals or byproducts like ozone

Your purchase includes installation from a County Line Air Technician.

We’ll immediately call you to set up an appointment!




Using a technology that scientists have known about for over 100 years: Powerful UV-C light destroys the DNA of microorganisms and prevents them from growing and multiplying inside your AC, which has perfect living conditions for viruses, bacteria and mold.

Widely used in commercial buildings, food service and hospitals. UV lights are also used to disinfect surfaces and medical equipment because their safety profile is perfect.

The AHU Manual|


a chart showing the effectiveness of UV light killing viruses


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