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Ozone (03) is a naturally oucurring compound that quickly degrades into oxygen (02) especially when it destroys microorganisms and contaminants. Ozone isn’t breathable so the area will have to be unoccupied, but it’s quick degradation to oxygen allows your home or business to be returned to normal soon after our ozone generator stops running.

Destroy 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold as well as remove allergens and odor. The only by-product is more oxygen!




For residential buildings our prices start at $550, as of March 24th 2020 we’re offering the discounted price of $450. Commercial/business pricing for daily/multi use depends on the size of the structure and your objective (odor removal from a cigar bar for example). Call us for details and special pricing (561) 477-1212

Since you won’t be in your home when the ozone generator is running, yes. We ensure that all the ozone (o3) has returned to breathable oxygen (o2) before you return home.

Ozone is safe to treat your home. While it’s not breathable, ozone (03) quickly returns to breathable oxygen (02) soon after the machines wear off and there are no residual amounts left over when you and your pets return home after the treatment is over.

Ozone is proven to destroy viruses and has been shown to kill the SARS Coronavirus which is 80% similar to the new COVID-19 coronavirus. It is suspected that it can and will be effective against COVID, although the tests haven’t been performed yet.


How Can I Get Started With Ozone Services From County Line Air?

We offer a few plans:


Rent/Single Use (residential plan)- We’ll show up and remove all plants and oil paintings (sensitive to ozone) from the building and run our generator. Before we return the building to normal occupancy, we’ll ensure the generator is off and ozone levels are gone. We take the generator out of your home or business and notify you when normal occupancy can resume.


Business/Commercial use (weekly/daily)- We’ll set up the generators to run overnight daily or weekly to provide regular sanitizing and/or odor removal.


Applications: Any and all businesses which include

Food/beverage, restaurants 
Cigar bars (odor removal)
Office buildings

We can allow ozone to run during your off hours and it will shut off 2 hours before you open.


Automobile Services- Your car or truck can smell¬†brand new again! You can leave your car right in your driveway, we’ll run the generator inside your vehicle and pick it up when it’s done! You’ll be able to drive as soon as the treatment is over


Simply contact us for any questions or to set up an appointment!

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