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If you need an air conditioning repair service in Boca Raton, you will want to know what is involved so you can ensure you are receiving only quality, professional services at reasonable prices.  The first step to understanding air conditioning repair is to locate your HVAC unit.  There are two separate components to a central air conditioner: a condenser and an evaporator.  A quick inspection of the outside of the residence should reveal the location of the condenser; it is a metal unit usually situated on a concrete slab next to the house.  The evaporator coil can be located by finding the furnace and looking above to the main duct junction, where the coil is mounted.As central air conditioners most often are connected to the forced-air distribution system for the residence, they distribute the cool air from the AC using the same blower, ductwork, and motor used for heating.  Central air conditioning takes in the warm air inside the house through the return-air duct into the furnace, where it is moved across the cooled evaporator coil by the blower before being returned through the ductwork back into the house. When it has been verified that the air conditioner is working and yet the house is not being cooled, the problem has been narrowed down to an issue with the distribution system. This is all a part of the air conditioning repair process in Boca Raton.

Due to the condenser and the evaporator both being sealed, any issue other than routine cleaning and maintenance should be handled by a service professional.  Central air conditioners require adjustments and inspections before the beginning of every cooling season to maintain optimum cooling and cost efficiency.  An appointment with an HVAC service professional in the Boca Raton area can ensure your air conditioning unit is functioning at its peak performance capabilities. Call County Line Air for the best air conditioning repair service Boca Raton has to offer.

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