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How Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Affect The Coronavirus on Surfaces?



Statements and news about the COVID-19 Coronavirus are everywhere. We want to provide you with some information regarding disinfecting surfaces that’s published by credible agencies such as the CDC. Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)



Ozone is proven to destroy viruses and has been shown to kill the SARS Coronavirus which is 80% similar to the new COVID-19 coronavirus. It is suspected that it can and will be effective against COVID, although the tests haven’t been performed yet.

According to the CDC the virus can travel through the air if coughed or sneezed. It also lives on surfaces and is spread by saliva droplets falling onto surfaces and being transmitted that way.

Yes. Depending on the type of material, the virus can live up to 3 days on surfaces. According to the CDC materials that are softer or porous like cardboard will allow the virus to live longer than a non porous material.


Coronavirus Inside Your AC?

Doctors and the infectious disease experts are all stating that the virus lives inside of bits of saliva that can sail through the air about six feet but the virus doesn’t float around in the air (it’s not airborne) for you to breathe in. They state that the virus can survive on surfaces for 1-3 days. If the corona virus were to get sucked into your filter, it may stay around the filter and/or handler. Since the CDC says it’s not airborne, it apparently won’t float around the air of your home and they recommend you leave your AC running as normal to provide good ventilation.


They’ve released a home care guide for protecting your home against coronavirus here



Ozone machine used to kill viruses

Using Ozone To Kill Coronavirus in Your Home


Ozone is a patented technology to kill 99% of pathogens and microbials not just viruses. It’s a cost-effective way to sanitize your home.


Ozone has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus in as little as 30 seconds. This has lead to the theory that it will kill the new coronavirus. The new coronavirus, now called SARS Cov-2 is very similar in structure to the SARS coronavirus (SARS CoV-1).


How does it work?

Ozone works by splitting oxygen (o2) molecules apart. When the molecules reattach, they form ozone (o3) that 3rd oxygen molecule wants to jump onto pollutants like odors, bacteria and pathogens. After these bacteria and pathogens are “oxidized” they are destroyed and the ozone molecule returns to regular oxygen.


The CDC Wants You to Keep Your AC Running

Here, the CDC is very clear about having good ventilation in your home. This means that if you don’t have an AC unit, you need to leave a window or two open. If you do have an AC unit, let it run as normal so that air can circulate and keep clean air moving.



UV Lights and Ionization

Your AC unit circulates the air in your home. ALL the air in your home: the good, the bad and the ugly. So, naturally the contaminants, pollutants, bacteria and viruses can attach and live on the inner walls and ducts of your AC unit.

Since you cant climb inside your AC unit and their ducts for a good cleaning, we recommend UV lights and ionization for total-home sanitization.

UV lights for air conditioner killing viruses



An Ultraviolet light is placed under your AC coils. The coils have condensation and tend to produce mold. UV lights near your coils are another great way to  keep the inside of your AC unit clean and free from microbials. UV will not clean the air as it’s passing through the AC unit, just the surfaces it shines on. The AC doesn’t need to be running for the light to be working!

Fresh-Aire UV lights for your AC Handler








An ionizing cell, called a Reme Halo can be added inside your handler as well. Once in place, you’ll be pushing ionized air through your ducts which will purify not just the air in the ducts but the air in your home.







AIRTEVA Custom AC filters from air sponge

Don’t Forget the Basics: Your Filter

The first line of defense: your filter. If your filter doesn’t fit in the frame, unfiltered air sneaks past the filter and gets into your air handler. Unfiltered or poorly

filtered air decreases the life of your handler, clogs up coils and requires more maintenance of your unit.

Custom fit filters are the only way to ensure a 100% fit in your frame. Using the Air Sponge electrostatically charged filters means you’ll start filtering contaminants and pollutants right at the intake of your AC unit.

(They’re also cheaper than standard filters!) Check them out here




The Bottom Line on Whole-Home Air Quality

1- UV lights reduce mold, and kill microbials on the coils of your AC unit

2- An ionization cell can be installed to purify the air ducts and the air being circulated around your home

3- Ozone machines can run while you’re not home to sanitize the surfaces in your home and kill off 99% of viruses and pathogens


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