Reme Halo and Fresh Aire UV Light Bundle


This is the ultimate power couple: The award-winning Reme Halo device combined with the most popular UV lights on earth.

The Fresh-Aire UV lights

  • No noise, no odor, no worries
  • Keeps mold and microorganisms off of your AC coils and the walls of your air handler
  • Lights last 2 years

Reme Halo Ionizing Cell

  • Uses naturally occurring hydroperoxides to eliminate contaminants throughout the air of your whole home
  • Reduce in-home allergens
  • Breathe better, sleep better and feel better
  • Ozone free




If your home’s air quality is poor, you feel it. Allergies, coughing, dry throat and poor sleep are just a few of the symptoms of having contaminants in the home. 

Problem #1- Your Air Handler

This cool, damp environment is perfect for microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses to grow in. But, you can’t clean the inside of your air handler. And every day, these microorganisms have the chance to grow. The longer you have your AC, the more “stuff” can grow in there. Most people only get their handlers cleaned once a year (yuck!). And that’s only if you have a service plan!

The AHU UV Lights from Fresh-Aire eliminate this problem. Using UV-C light, the AHU bulbs kill microoganisms by scrambling DNA. This means mold, viruses and bacteria can’t grow.

Problem #2- Your AC Ducts (and the rest of your home’s air)

Cleaning the ducts throughout your home is usually a service you have to pay for. And, most of the time it’s nothing more than a large vacuum that does nothing to eliminate microorganisms.

Enter the REME HALO

This device activates when your AC handler turns on, allowing the flow of hydroperoxides to constantly flow through your AC ducts. These hydroperoxides destroy not just unwanted mico-pests like viruses but they clump dust together and allow your filter to pull these allergens out of your air more efficiently.

With both of these working together:

  • You have a clean air handler and clean air in the home.
  • Your air handler will last longer and work more efficiently
  • Your air filter will be more effective at filtering air

Breathing clean air in your own home shouldn’t be a chore.



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